Polish companies constantly need well-qualified welders. These professionals are among the most scarce workers on the labor market. The high demand for them results from the dynamic economic development of the country, as well as from the specificity of this profession, which has special requirements. Therefore, rented MIG welders for companies, including specialists from the East, are an excellent way to support this type of work.

MIG welders for enterprises – why is it necessary to rent them?

Delegating work to external subcontractors is one of the key functions in enterprise management. This is due to the complexity of the tasks to be performed, which cannot be completed by our own staff. This includes welding, which requires well-qualified specialists. Our welders with MIG experience from the East will meet the highest requirements.

Welders for MIG companies – benefits of working with us

Cooperation with our company gives you the opportunity to rent MIG welders from the East for short- and long-term projects of various types. This allows you to save time, reduce costs and focus on other tasks in the company. The main benefits of entrusting us with tasks are:

  • a great solution for periodic work
  • a simple way to recruit a team of welders
  • no need to employ permanent welders
  • there is no need to verify the welder’s skills
  • high qualifications and experience of our welders from the East,
  • cost savings and the opportunity to work on other tasks in the company.

MIG welders from the East – why is it worth using their support?

MIG welders work in quite difficult conditions. They must also have appropriate qualifications to perform such complex work. In addition, most authorizations must be renewed periodically. The profession of a welder also requires completing a course in this field. All this means that there is a large shortage of specialists on the Polish labor market, hence the trend to employ foreigners, such as e.g. welders from Ukraine.

Every MIG welder from the East is an equally well-qualified specialist, with qualifications recognized in most countries. Moreover, employees from the East are reliable and motivated for economic reasons, which is why they are happy to work with us. They are also similar to us in terms of culture, they assimilate very well, are communicative and can cooperate in a team.

Our advantages and experience

Cooperation with us provides solid support and benefits for local businesses. We help create structures for companies from many industries. Our MIG welders from the East worked on large and complex projects, where they gained significant experience in this profession.

Employees have valid certificates in accordance with the PN-EN 287-1 and PN-EN ISO 9606 standards. Welders are qualified to perform work using the most popular methods, such as: MIG welders, MAG welders, MMA welders and TIG welders are fully physically fit, and their qualifications are regularly renewed. They work in heating and energy facilities, as well as in production and chemical plants, they perform renovations, repairs, etc. We invite you to cooperate.

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