Process outsourcing is currently a dynamically developing model of enterprise support. The practice involves delegating some operational activities to more specialized external companies. Such support will relieve the company to some extent and allow it to focus on its main business goals. What is process outsourcing? How does it translate into the efficiency of enterprises? We invite you to learn about the possibilities and benefits of process outsourcing.

What is process outsourcing?

Through process outsourcing, companies transfer to specialized entities some of their operations and functions that are not related to their core business. This improves the functioning of the organization and saves costs, time and resources. Process outsourcing allows you to benefit from the knowledge, experience and skills of specialists in a specific field.

Process outsourcing and business efficiency – support for companies

What business operations can be outsourced through process outsourcing? A common practice is to delegate production and logistics processes. Outsourcing business operations also works well as support for IT, finance and administration work. Are there risks associated with process outsourcing and how can they be prevented? Delegation creates a certain dependency that forces the company to take unwanted actions. Sometimes there are communication problems or leaks of confidential data. Therefore, the company should carefully prepare to accept subcontractors and conclude an appropriately specified contract with a reliable partner.

What are the benefits of process outsourcing?

Delegation facilitates the organization and operation of enterprises, frees HR departments from temporarily employing specialists and allows them to take care of basic activities. This is an ideal solution for organizations that do not want to excessively expand their structure. What are the main advantages of process outsourcing for companies? The most important benefits are:

  • time saving and cost reduction
  • reduction of risk in connection with failed projects and investments
  • no need to verify and employ employees for a specific period of time
  • easy access to experienced specialists
  • ability to focus on core business
  • great flexibility and experience of companies offering outsourcing.

How does process outsourcing affect the scalability of companies?

By relieving the company of certain processes, management staff can more freely pursue key tactical, operational and strategic goals. This promotes the development of the core business area and increases the company’s ability to expand the scale of operations in order to increase its revenues.

Process outsourcing and optimization of costs and resources

Delegating processes and functions ensures that companies can effectively optimize resources and costs. This eliminates the need to employ specialized employees and invest in short-term or one-off projects or subordinate processes. Thanks to this, available human and financial resources are directed to the implementation of the most important tasks. Outsourcing also facilitates resource and cost planning.

Examples of process outsourcing

What services can be outsourced as part of process outsourcing? Practically most processes and functions can be delegated to external entities. It is common practice to entrust subcontractors with activities in the scope of:

  • production
  • logistics,
  • construction work
  • renovations,
  • protection
  • IT,
  • HR,
  • customer service
  • administration
  • finance,
  • marketing.

Process and employee outsourcing

There is an important difference between process and employee outsourcing. These are slightly different forms of cooperation and you should be aware of this when using support. According to the law, process outsourcing is the taking over by a given company of part of the process necessary for the operation of another company. The activity is carried out under the supervision of the entity taking over the process. However, employee outsourcing only involves providing employees. In this case, the task of the providing company is only to recruit staff and direct them to individual companies.

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