Specialized welders are essential support for Polish enterprises. Due to the specificity of this profession and sometimes difficult working conditions, there is currently a shortage of well-qualified specialists in this industry on the market. This lack of labor has a negative impact on economic development. To meet the needs of companies, welders from Asia and the East provide support. Our delegated team of employees will perform each task at the indicated location, in accordance with the arrangements and provided documentation.

Why is the support of external welders needed?

The profession of a welder requires completing a course, obtaining qualifications and periodically extending them. A welder also often works in difficult conditions, so he or she must be in good physical condition, as well as have good coordination and eyesight. He should also be resistant to stress and must be able to read technical drawings. Moreover, it is exposed to burns, spine pain and vision damage. All this means that there is a shortage of specialists on the labor market, because only the best can handle these tasks.

Therefore, hired welders from Asia and the East are a modern and practical solution for companies that temporarily need qualified and experienced staff.

Benefits for the company from delegating welding work

Delegating welding work is one of the basic functions of organizational management. This is due to the lack of own, qualified welding staff in most enterprises. Therefore, as experienced experts in this industry, we offer companies the highest quality welding services for short-term or long-term projects. The benefits of using our welders are:

  • a quick way to recruit qualified welders
  • the best solution for periodic projects
  • high qualifications and experience of our welders,
  • no need to employ permanent specialists
  • no need to check welders’ skills
  • cost saving
  • ability to focus on other tasks

Welders from Asia and the East – advantages of foreign workers

Welders from Asia are a popular support on our labor market. Enterprises are very willing to use the help of foreigners because they are reliable, well-trained and have appropriate certificates.

However, we currently offer the help of welders from the East, e.g. welders from Ukraine. In some respects, this is a better solution, due to cultural proximity to us, lower language barriers and better communication and cooperation in the group.

Welders from the East have detailed knowledge of the materials from which structures are made. They are well versed in the technologies used during welding. They are motivated, ambitious and valued due to their experience in large projects and in difficult conditions, which they gained while working in many countries. Their skills are desired by employers throughout Poland and Europe.

Qualifications of our welders

Our welders have appropriate qualifications and certificates. In accordance with the regulations, it is subject to constant verification and cyclical renewal. They have certificates in accordance with the PN-EN 287-1:2012 and PN-EN ISO 9606-1:2017-10 standards. They work using the most popular welding methods, such as:

Our experience and advantages of the offer

Winsmann employee agency employs qualified and certified employees, our team is made up of professionals with great willingness to work and the ability to operate in any, even difficult, conditions. We gained experience:

  • for steel structures,
  • for renovations and repairs,
  • in energy,
  • in pipelines,
  • in construction,
  • in shipbuilding,
  • in the automation and robotics sectors,
  • in production plants.

We are flexible in cooperation and operate based on the highest safety standards. We are at your disposal and invite you to contact us. Together we will complete any task.

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