We are currently not recruiting employees from Moldova, but we provide employees from Ukraine and Belarusi.

Welders from Moldova

Are you looking for specialized welders to carry out the projects entrusted to you, but you cannot find them on the Polish market or European employment rates scare you? What if we say that there is a solution that allows you to obtain high-quality welding joints while minimizing labor costs? This is absolutely possible thanks to our service of renting welders from Moldova. If you want to learn more about this topic and learn more benefits of employing specialists from this country, be sure to read the rest of this text!

Professionalism and experience of welders from Moldova

Welders from Moldova are people with solid education and extensive experience in the industry. Thanks to their commitment and precision, you can be sure of timely and reliable completion of each order. However, when it comes to the benefits of employing people such as welders for work in Moldova, the following should be mentioned:

  • High quality of work: every welder from Moldova, a person cooperating with our company is a person with appropriate certificates and training to properly perform the work entrusted to him. Accuracy, knowledge of technical drawing and a steady hand are the special features that distinguish these specialists from average employees on the Polish market.
  • Commitment and professionalism: welders for work Moldova are people characterized by commitment and high motivation to work. Therefore, their employment in any company will result in tangible benefits for the employer, because they are not afraid of even highly complex projects or the need to stay at work longer than full-time.
  • Knowledge of different welding methods: welders for rent from Moldova, we offer to you are people familiar with many welding techniques. Our offer includes both MIG welders Moldova, and professionals in other specialties, such as MAG welders Moldova. In addition, our offer also includes acquiring such qualified and sought-after specialists as TIG welders Moldova. Therefore, it is easy to say that our offer is complete and tailored to the needs of even the most demanding manufacturing companies.

How to hire a welder from Moldova?

Employing people like welders for rent from Moldova is extremely easy and transparent thanks to our company’s policy. All you need to do is submit your request and express your requirements, and our employees will match the right people to your company. Thanks to this, welders with experience in Moldova will soon be able to take up employment in your company and become a factor driving market success. 

Welders from Moldova – your success, our joy

We have been employing high-class specialists for companies for many years. Thanks to this, we were able to comprehensively analyze the requirements of the Polish market and, in response to them, offer a perfectly tailored offer, i.e. welders for enterprises in Moldova. The people we employ for Polish companies are Moldovan workers with high qualifications, commitment and motivation, with many years of experience. Thanks to this, we can be sure that people who will work in your workplaces will meet all, even the most restrictive, requirements. They will bring unprecedented profits, while maintaining high work culture and the accuracy and quality of welding joints.

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